Sandalwood Body Lotion

A deeply hydrating blend of organic oils, Sandalwood hydrosol, beneficial extracts, and essential oils that will leave your skin feeling perfectly moisturized all day long.

The light texture leaves your skin silky, not sticky, and the scent is just gorgeous. Warm, and ever-so-slightly spicy-sweet, the sandalwood scent lingers all day and mellows as your skin heats up. Meant for daily use and pairs perfectly with our Cedar Sandalwood and Spice & Incense Collection soaps.

Sandalwood hydrosol is the liquid produced when distilling for Sandalwood essential oil and is infused with Sandalwood's scent as well as its soothing and grounding properties. It is considered cooling and toning, which makes it perfect for rebalancing dry, irritated or sunburned skin.

Chamomile extract provide a calming effect while anti-oxidant rich hibiscus extract is used to help promote skin elasticity.


  • Key Botanicals: Chamomile and Hibiscus

    Key Bio-active: Hyaluronic Acid

    Essential Oils: Caledonian and Hawaiian Sandalwood

    Scent Profile: Warm and sweetly spicy

    Qualities: Hydrating, Toning, Energizing

    Best for: All skin types and amazing after a long flight or day in the office chair.

    8.0 fluid oz

    Minimum 77% Organic Ingredients

    Free of Mineral Oil, Parabens, PEG, Petrolatum, Phthalates, Silicones, and Sulfates.

    Handcrafted in Northern California

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