Sage Bar Soap

Purifying, Soothing & Toning

Sweet and spicy with a hint of the desert, white and Dalmation sage are combined with willow bark, aloe and witch hazel for a uniquely wonderful and deodorizing lather.

Willow barkextract acts like salicylic acid and can help calm irritated and acne prone skin. Aloe vera and alcohol-free witch hazel extracts are both mildly astringent, non-drying, and help tone and tighten pores. White sage powder provides just the right amount of scrub and is revered for it's purifying essence.


  • Key Essential Oils: White Sage, Dalmatian Sage, Clary Sage

    Qualities: Purifying, Soothing, Toning

    Best for: Irritated, Dry or Acne prone Skin

    Approx. 6oz / 170g

    Cold Process

    Free of Phthalates, Parabens & Sulfates

    Handcrafted in Northern California

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