July - New Releases & Studio Updates

July! It seemed like it would never get here and then suddenly it's half-way through summer. We hope this season has brought you some moments of peace and joy. While our market dates are still on hold, we have been working on new commissions and developing new products. Scroll through to see what we have been up to.


New to the Store

Aromatic Room Sprays

Created to complement our soap and lotion scents, these air fresheners are crafted with essential oils for a simple yet effective way to clear the air and freshen your mood. Phthalate and propellant free. Shop the collection here

Tonic Naturals Aromatic Room Spray Collection


Coming Soon

Blue Tansy Bar Soap

Our latest crush, this soft blue green is almost a gorgeous as the scent of blue tansy. We use Moroccan Blue Tansy, a tiny yellow flower which, when steam distilled, produces an essential oil rich in deep blue chamazulene. Chamazulene is traditionally revered as a cooling and soothing treatment for irritated skin. Releasing this fall.

Blue Tansy Bar Soap on White Muslin


New Projects

Color Studies

We've been exploring different botanicals for an upcoming collaboration. Each bar represents a single botanical like powdered vetiver, gooseberry, madder, and red sandalwood. It's so pleasing to see how each plant has it's own unique color. They are all different yet harmonize with each other so well.



Wrapping Up

Our Erode Soap Series collaboration with Ume' Studio wrapped earlier this year. It has been an amazing project, spanning four years. We are so proud of these sculptural soaps and honored to have been part of the journey!

Unmolding the Erode Series Daily Detox Soap

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