TONIC + UMÉ Studio

Introducing The Erode Summit Series

Created in collaboration with and available for purchase at UMÉ Studio, Oakland, CA.

Several months ago, UMÉ Studio presented us with a challenge and some crazy looking soap molds. We were asked to reshape and transform a few of our favorite soaps. After a winter's worth of tinkering and testing we are very proud to present the Erode Summit Series.

This project allowed us to really explore the possibilities and limitations of soap crafting. The results are five different soaps, each with their own unique UMÉ shape: Linden, Daily Detox, Cardamom Vetiver, Cardamom Coffee & Jasmine Ylang Ylang. 

Explore the entire Erode Series here.


Erode Cardamom Vetiver Soap bottoms up and stamped and      


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