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Blue Tansy lotion

Love it. Very earthy smell but not too strong. Lotion is very moisturizing. Great after the shower.

Amazing Chamomile Linden Body Lotion

I had bought this lotion for myself and loved it. Then I bought it for my sister as a birthday present. She is over the moon about it! She loves everything about this lotion. The scent is so lovely, not overpowering. It has a very slight woodsy note to it that makes it alluring. Also the viscosity is just right, so it goes on effortlessly. I think you got a new customer in Pennsylvania!


I love Tonic! Great customer service, beautiful and sustainable packaging, and lovely soaps and lotions. Rock rose bar soap has a light pleasant scent, lathers well, and is very moisturizing.


Love the fragrance and texture, and how it leaves my skin. I trust the ingredients are pure. The packaging is beautiful and the shipping is fine with care and attention to beauty. The bars last a long time.

the perfect set of 5!

The floral collection sampler set is a beautifully crafted and scented bundle. I love the smaller size for travel –– and just for the sake of variety. The soaps are moisturizing and great for the whole body. The packaging is so elegant, too!

Professional use.. wonderful for the face and delicate decolletage area

I tried this lotion for my facial cupping clients with the most sensitive skin and the results were no less than wonderful. I typically use tsubaki oil when doing facial massage and cupping however I may incorporate this lotion into my treatment regimen. I don't need to use much for my intended purpose, the lotion has lasted quite some time without any rancid scent and maintained consistency without any separation over time. Aside from professional use, I personally have used this adding in sea pearl powder as a moisturizer.

Soothing yet refreshing

I love this soap. I don’t remember where I first found it, but as the bar grew smaller and smaller, I knew I needed to track down a new supply. And I’m so glad I did! The soap creates a lush lather that feels great to use. The combination of ingredients both invigorates and soothes, and it also smells wonderful. It will be in my soap dish for a long time to come!

Best Gift

The recipient of the soaps were thrilled by the scents and are big bath people so they are looking forward to enjoying them. Thank you for making gift giving so easy!


I remember seeing the Tonic stand at Lake Merritt’s farmers market years ago , and I’ve been still ordering ever since . Soon I will try ALL soaps but my favorite the cedar sandalwood. And thank you soo much for the samples! 🙂


Leave the bathroom smelling good

soap and sandalwood body lotion

the packaging is so beautiful,the product are amazing, thanks for the great work you do

Delightfully Packaged, Wonderfully “Happy Skin” Soap

Trying the Honey/Lavender soap and my skin absolutely LOVES IT. Truly a clean I’ve never felt before, and skin feels splendidly silky soft.

I opted for the Spruce/Fir aromatic spray and use it to freshen up my bedroom and bathroom. The scent is decidedly pleasant and has me feeling like I’m walking through a lush happy forest of trees.

Sandalwood Body Lotion

I was excited to see the arrival of the Sandalwood lotion from Tonic Naturals as I love the fragrance and its healing benefits. This lotion is creamy and absorbing and makes my skin feel hydrated and soft. The scent is true, deep, rich, exotic, complex and unadulterated... the real deal!
The last couple of weeks it has been the balm to aid me in reducing anxiety and perking me up. True!
This lotion is up there with my other favorite lotions, Citrus Geranium and Rose Geranium, and it has been a special indulgence for these fall days celebrating the the gorgeous colors of Autumn and the change of season.
Well done!

I love this soap!

The soap is long-lasting and smells wonderful.

Some skin oily, some dry

Get's it all clean but gentle and fragrance free. Love the ingredients.
Lifetime best soap (and I'm no spring chicken).
Miss you at the farmer's market!

Thank you MC - we really miss the Farmers Markets too and can't wait until it's safe to return!

Lovely soaps

These little soaps are fantastic. I first received them as a gift and loved them so much that I am now ordering them on a regular basis. They are a bit of a splurge for me, but so worth it. We have to treat ourselves from time to time. Perfect size for guest bathrooms. They come beautifully packaged and marked so you always know which one you are pulling out of the box.

Perfect way to try these soaps

I love the mini bars! I use them as hand soap, and they all have such a wonderful, rich lather. This is the perfect way for me to try new scents before committing to the full size bars.

Best way to start your day

I am addicted to Tonic Naturals soaps. They smell heavenly and the Daily Detox bar has become a favorite - the scent, the lather and the luxurious high quality. Our skin is our largest organ so it deserves the best quality ingredients.

Amazing lavender scent

This soap has such an amazing lavender scent. It is a little stronger/bolder than the lavender scent of the Honey Lavender bar, which is perfect for me as someone who loves the scent of lavender. Like all the Tonic soaps, it has the most amazing, luxurious lather.

Great product

I've been a long time fan, best soap I've ever used hands down.

Amazing scent, luxurious lather

You can't go wrong with any Tonic soap! I wasn't sure what to expect with the Detox soap, and I was not disappointed. The aroma is amaaaaazing. I would describe it as a little spicy, a little floral. It lingers lightly on my skin after I use it, which I love! The lather (as with all Tonic soaps) is rich and wonderful, and it leaves my skin feeling clean but not dry. Try Tonic soap if you have not. You will love it!

Lovely light scent

I love every Tonic soap I have tried, and the Chamomile Carrot is no exception. I found the scent to be lightly floral while using the soap, but it does not linger on your skin, so this is a great option for people who may not want a strong scent. As with all Tonic soaps, the lather is rich and luxurious and leaves my skin feeling clean and moisturized.

Consistently the best!!

I found this line of products at a farmer’s market in CA when I lived there. It is the finest, purest most lovely moisturizer and soaps I could ever have. I moved back to NY years ago and still order direct from Tonic and they ship it to me. Arrives beautifully packaged and within 2 days of ordering. This is the best there is!


I love the soap from Tonic. My whole family loves the soap from Tonic. The soap smells and feels amazing. It has a light feel to it and does not leave stickiness behind. Great Variety!!

Thank you Heather - you made our day! Mint was the very first bar we ever made, and it's still one of our absolute favorites! So glad to hear you and your family are loving the soaps!

Great products

I use these soaps and lotions myself and send them to my mother-in-law for nearly every occasion. Thanks for the fast free shipping. Looking forward to seeing you again at Farmers’ Market once we’ve emerged from the craziness. Until then, thanks for being available online!

Thank you for your kind words, and finding us online! We really hope to see you (and everyone) at a Farmers' Market soon, but until then stay safe, take care, and enjoy the soap =)