Daily Detox Bar Soap

  • with Activated Charcoal

    Rejuvenating bar activated charcoal bar soaps that feel amazing on the skin, and provide a uniquely addictive scent.

    Our blend of juniper berry and gingergrass essential oils produces a crisp, complex and herbaceous aroma that invigorates, uplifts and rejuvenates.

    Activated charcoal helps create a silky fine lather and is exceptional at absorbing impurities and neutralizing odors. The formula is enriched with cocoa  and mango butters to leave your skin feeling deeply moisturized and is good for all skin types.

    For those that want a bit of scrub, we offer the exfoliating version with horsetail extract. Horsetail plant  is a type of fern that grows in abundance around our Northern California creeks and wetlands and has a very high silica content. The silica is what provides the fine scrubby texture that exfoliates without tearing the skin. Horsetail has been used for generations as a remedy for irritations, inflammation and swelling, and we find that it works very nicely with the juniper berry and gingergrass essential oils.

    Key Essential Oils: Juniper Berry, Gingergrass, Cedarwood

    Qualities: Purifying, Stimulating, Astringent

    Good for: All skin types

    Approx. 6.0 oz/170g

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Best way to start your day

I am addicted to Tonic Naturals soaps. They smell heavenly and the Daily Detox bar has become a favorite - the scent, the lather and the luxurious high quality. Our skin is our largest organ so it deserves the best quality ingredients.

Great product

I've been a long time fan, best soap I've ever used hands down.

Amazing scent, luxurious lather

You can't go wrong with any Tonic soap! I wasn't sure what to expect with the Detox soap, and I was not disappointed. The aroma is amaaaaazing. I would describe it as a little spicy, a little floral. It lingers lightly on my skin after I use it, which I love! The lather (as with all Tonic soaps) is rich and wonderful, and it leaves my skin feeling clean but not dry. Try Tonic soap if you have not. You will love it!

I just l o v e your soaps

Since experiencing your soaps, I am 100% back to bar soaps again - such luxury !

this is THE BEST soap I’ve ever used

I received my first Tonic natural soap as a gift. Immediately I noticed my skin feeling extra great and clean! I didn’t even realize how much it improved my skin until it was all gone. I had to go back to store bought soap. That lasted for a short while until finally I was able to find where to purchase more tonic natural soap. Now I am hooked and never want to go back to the store bought soap I used to get. I LOVE this soap. Not only do they smell great and feel great, they are all natural. You can really tell the difference from soaps that have a lot of crap in them.

My favorite is the daily detox. It helps with facial outbreaks and really just makes you feel sooo clean. Its not harsh on your skin and the bars themselves last a pretty long time. I can honestly say this is THE BEST soap I’ve ever used. I highly recommend this soap, and this year plan to get my close friends and family a bar for this holidays so they can enjoy just as much as I do.